Ceramic Bead

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Ceramic Bead also called Zirconium Silicate Bead, used for surface treatment in industry area. Such as aerospace equipment, container manufacturing, mold industry, plastics, electronics, metal processing industry, the automotive industry, turbine.

The product applies various sand blasting system, high efficiency and can be repeated use.


Application field:

Aerospace equipment:

  The key bearing component in  aircraft, engine and shuttle spray with ceramic bead can improve the fatigue, stress corrosion cracking and fretting wear performance.


Container manufacturing:

   Especially suitable for the textile, food, atomic energy, aerospace, chemical, etc.


Mold industry:

  Clean up the mold with beads in glass, tire manufacturing and lightweight alloy industry.


Plastics and electronics industry:

  Circuit board deburring, graphic effect; Plastic trimming at low temperature.


Metal processing:

  Cleaning and surface preparation on mechanical parts, cylinder head, surgical instruments, artificial limbs, golf head, artificial joints, springs, gears, eye   frame.Strengthening, graphic effects, aluminum alloy beautification, plasma coating compact.


Auto industry:

  suspension spring fatigue, strengthening the surface treatment.


Turbine industry:

  Turbine blade fatigue surface treatment, reinforcement treatment.











                                      Technical Indicators


                           Chemical Composition


   ZrO2+HfO2: 60~66%



   Al2O3: 5~8%



   SiO2:  25~28%


                                Physical Properties


   Specific Gravity:  3.8g/cm3 



   Hardness: 700 HV



  Packing Density: 2.5g/cm3





                                        Applicable Materials


Stainless Steel Material




 Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Material  




5056 201420175083



Copper Material


H59H63H65H68H70H80H85H90H96T1T2C1100 C5111C5101C5191C5210TU1TP1TP2

TAg0.08TAg0.1 C1100C1020C1201C1220C1271C2100C2200C2300C2400C2600C2680C2700



Magnesium Alloy Material







Titanium Alloy Material



Ti-Pd SP-700Ti-6242Ti-10-5-3Ti-1023BT9BT20




Plastic Material





Safety Instructions



1. The operator shall wear safety helmet, anti-sand suit, protective glasses,anti-dust mask and gloves when operation.The safety belt is necessary for high work.



2. Before operate, the operator should check the following parts in good condition: air compressor, air tank or oil-water separator, spray sand tank, pipe valves, nozzle, high pressure hose and other parts. All the joint unobstructed, no blocked or fixed rickety.The protective equipment of sandblasting machine must be complete and reliable.



3. When the sand blasting, the pressure should be mastered;Nozzle joints of shotguns should be strong and the operators should stand at the upper wind direction.



4.Once the nozzle or the air duct is blocked when sandblasting, which can be repaired or replaced after the turn off  the pressure, .



5.When  operate the sandblasting machine, the compressed air valve should be turn on first and then turn on the sand controller switch.
When  stop the operation, you should turn off the sand controller first and then the compressed air valve.



6.The average distance from shotguns to the work piece is 1-3 meters.15-30 degree angle is the ideal angle when operation.



7.When the sand blasting work begins,irrelevant personnel shall be not allowed to enter the operation site.




It is strictly forbidden to spray the nozzle to the person, and no one should stay or work in the distance of 30 meters.


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