Yttria Zirconia for Thermal Barrier Coating

High Purity
15-90 (μm)
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The products with very high purity. Powders are spheroidal with excellent flowability, chemical homogeneity, structural stability. Coating have excellent thermal shock and insulating features. It is used primarily on turbine combustion liners.


Plasma spraying (TBC) belongs to the thermal spraying technology.Current global zirconia powder is divided into two levels: high purity level (white) and regular grade (yellow), mainly used in aviation, aerospace, steel industry, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, textile machinery, shipbuilding and other fields.The plasma spraying zirconia powder global annual consumption of more than 2000 tons.


Application field:

1. Used as the thermal barrier coatings for rockets and jet engine combustion chamber, gas turbine blade, the internal combustion engine combustion chamber.
2.Used as coatings with the high temperature resistant and particle erosion resistant  for missile nose cones and the rocket nozzle.
3.Used for gas turbine impeller blade.

4.Used as the coatings in brazing and heat treatment fixture with the feature of anti-thermal shock and prevent caking.




   Technical Indicators






 High purity

  ZrO2+HfO2 : 90%

  Y2O3 : 7~9%

  SiO2 : 0.1%

  Monoclinic : 2%  

  Color : White


  ZrO2+HfO2 : 90%  

  Y2O3 : 7~9%

 SiO2 : 0.2%

  Monoclinic : 5%  

 Color : Yellow




Particle Size Sistribution
















Spraying Parameters 


 Plasma Gas Ar (SLPM)


 Plasma Gas H2 (SLPM)


 Current (A)


 Spray Distance (mm)




Coating Properties 



          ca. 1400 HV 0,3

 Applicable Temp.(High Purity Grade)


 Applicable Temp.(Standard Grade)




Safety Instructions


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